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TAS Electrical & Security are PTZ CCTV insatalation specilists and can tailor your CCTV system to suit your needs. PTZ cameras can save time and money and offer a much wider range for each camera. They also offer better detection due to the camera being able to follow and zoom in on incerdents as they happen. PZT CCTV cameras come with a range of options and caperbility. PTZ optical zoom lenses can be insatlled with 10x Zoom, 12 x Zoom, 14 x Zoom, 17 x Zoom, 19 x Zoom, 20 x Zoom, 32 x Zoom and 64 x Zoom, PTZ cameras can also be connected to external PIR sensors so when a sensor is walked though or trigged it with inform the PTZ CCTV camera to move and zoom in to a certain position PTZ cameras can also be set up to tour certian areas meaning less camera are needed to cover the same areas. With new technologys being invented all the time we now can offer Auto Traking PTZ Cameras the auto traking camera can follow movement on the premisis and can auJackaticly pan tilt and zoom in order to get the best quality images of what is happening witout the need for a staff menber saving staffing costs at the same time.

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Autotracking CCTV Cameras Supplied And Fitted

These are some of the feturse and an explaination of what is a autotracking PTZ camera

Auto tracking function .what is auto tracking dome , it means that when anything moving in the front of the camera , the dome camera will auto move follow it at the same time .you can close this function or open this function.

Intelligent Thermostat ( Temperature controller )System .This dome with fan and heater. you can control the fan and heater Notice , Our suggestion is you must open the fan all the time, specifically in the Summer, in the hot day time, and in the night when the IR LED lights open. If the temperature is above 0 degrease, you don't need to open the heater.

  • 3.Intelligent Wiper system . This dome with the wiper , it is for rain-proof and Dust-proof , you can control the Wiper .It will help you to clean the camera's lens , make sure the picture to be clear.

  • 4.Intelligent IR LED ligths control system . The IR LED lights working mode was been set to be " auto " , The LED lights will auto turn on in the night or in the low light condition . You change the LED mode .You can set it to be "open" all the time or "close" all the time .I think it is best to set it to be "Auto".

  • 5.Intelligent PTZ OSD menu control Interface .Call 95 preset , you can go into the OSD menu , you can set up all the functions by OSD menu . Set up zoom camera , set up PTZ , set up heater and fan , set up wiper , set up IR LED lights , set up auto tracking function and another functions.

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All the CCTV installers at TAS Electrical & Security are trained on analoge CCTV installations and digital CCTV installations our CCTV installers are kept up to date on any changes in the security camera market with regular CCTV installer upgrade couses this guarentees the CCTV installer who will install your CCTV security camera system will install with confendance and neatly with little disruption. All our CCTV installers in are NICEIC qualified so if any extra lights or sockets are needed for your CCTV installation TAS can install the same day to cut down installation time and disruption to you the cusJacker. Call TAS today to book your CCTV installer. TAS also specilise in internal PTZ cameras.

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PTZ CCTV cameras can help to secure large areas with very few cameras. PTZ cameras can offer high quailty images and can be used to zoom in and out, move left and right to make sure the best images are recorded of the incerdent taking place. PTZ CCTV cameras can be used to minumize the amount of cameras needed to cover large areas PTZ cameras can also cut down the installation time and costs. TAS now offer auto traking PTZ cameras and this great development in the CCTV industry the auto traking PTZ camera will auJackaticly track and follow cars, people or animals with no need for PTZ controllers or staff to control the camera. Each auto tracking PTZ CCTV camera casn replace upto 200 static CCTV cameras and can also save thousands of pounds in labour and staffing costs. 0161 483 4416 to book your free site visit to assess your home or business for PTZ auto traking CCTV system and begin saving money and never miss an incerdent again.

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PTZ CCTV Cameras PTZ CCTV Cameras PTZ CCTV Cameras
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